Sweet Romeo's Baby Shower (one)- FINALLY

There's a bunch of photos floating around on facebook so I'm so happy to finally post some of mine! This was the first of a couple of baby shower's for my sister and all I can say is thank goodness it's over! I am so exhausted, but could not be happier with how everything turned out. Niki made some deeeelicious food, there was shredded pork sliders, bruschetta, artichoke dip, all so wonderful. She worked so hard and I appreciate her help so so so very much!

The best part for me was the morning of, where I got to finally put together all the decorations and details I have been working on for the past 11 years. I only was able to snap a few photos at the very beginning, but here's the highlights. She got some amazing gifts as well. And it was more than a little hard to watch her unwrap the fantastic stuff they have nowadays. Doesn't that sound old of me, nowadays? Anyway. When I had Gunnar I had 2 choices, Peg Perego or Graco. Graco was cheaper so that's what I got. In fact, I just recently ordered a new stroller for me to have for when I babysit Romeo and that stroller cost more than any stroller I bought for my own kids! Oh, all the goodies they have now! I will have to do a separate post with all the wonderful things, oh and the bedding this little guy has, too cute for words, I'll just have to show you when I photograph his nursery. Don't even get me started on Diaper Bags. I think my fanciest was a Petunia Pickle Bottom, so seeing that Louis Vuitton box sitting on my fireplace mantle and it not being for me to open, a little heartbreaking. But that's okay, I will live vicariously through my sister.

On to the details:

I sewed a ton of this bunting and hung it from the stair banister, fireplace, archways. I thought it added a playful, more childish touch to an adult party that is actually for the little man.

I think the drinks were the biggest hit of everything. My sister's good friend came up with an amazing recipe for Hibiscus and Blood Orange Tea/Lemonade. I have been planning these cups and straws since the very beginning, since the straws were the whole inspiration for the shower. And then the night before the shower I realized that no one will be able to tell their drink apart from anyone elses, so I added the baker's twine and labels for their names. Every jar had fresh blackberries and the jars went home with everyone as a parting gift.

The Mama would be my sister's label. :)

I spent weeks thinking about something sweet and memorable but avoiding games at all possible costs. I came up with a little WRITE station where I set up a typewriter and a little bowl with slips of paper and mini clothespins. I had directions above the typewriter that asked people to take a moment to give a piece of advice, or a thought or wish for my sister and brother in law. Next to the typewriter I hung up some string and everyone added their special note to the line. I was so happy that so many people loved this idea and participated. After the shower I took all the notes down and put them in an album for my sister and then she can add photos of the shower to the album behind everyone's typewritten notes.

It was hard to get a picture of the WRITE, but I took my mom's Instax camera and took polaroids of different patterned things, then I used a Sharpie and wrote in block letters W R I T E, next I used an exacto knife and cut out the letters, hanging them with mini clothespins above the typewriter station.

For dessert the gelato bar was a big hit. We had Vanilla or Strawberry to choose from and the toppings were: chocolate covered gummy bears, blueberries, chocolate sauce, 3 types of sprinkles, Dots, M & Ms, mini chocolate chips, and Animal Crackers. Big. Hit. I think Greta managed to put every single topping on her gelato.

And there you have the decor. The biggest thing missing was Jane. Poor Alissa came down with pneumonia the day of the shower, and I know Jane would've appreciated every last little tiny detail. Don't worry Jane, I will recreate everything for you for your next baby shower. ;)

Since my sister is so lax in giving me her memory card, I took my mom's today and downloaded these this evening. I have to say her little camera takes good pictures!

Here's me and Niki, in the middle of food prep. Niki and I have worked together on a few parties and she is always one I love to do stuff with. We work good together.

Four generations

Typewriter in mid-use. Rachel always appreciates my kooky ideas. :)

The three glowing preggo mamas. Kinda jealous I'm not one of them. :( No worries, we have no plans to expand despite my vocal desire.