Shower Prezzies

Sorry I'm lagging with the baby shower photos. My sister is a little slow on giving me her photos, being all 8 months pregnant and everything. Sigh. I hope she gives them to me sometime this weekend. For now I'll share the rest of my present for Romeo. I decided the little man needed to sport a skinny tie just like his Uncle Aaron. He will be the most styling newborn! And the whale, kinda obsessed with that shirt. Not sure that it's at all professionally constructed but I figure he'll grow out of it in a matter of weeks.

How cute are these soft soled little cowboy boots!? Sorry my pink stripey foot snuck in the photo.

And this basket is what I entitled "Zia's Favorite Things". It had this very well loved baby cleanser in it, along with a vintage laminated bib, and a wipes case from Made by Angie, along with all the other goodies I've posted about in the past.

Can you tell we're excited for him to get here or what?!