A few weekends ago Sawyer had his first sleepover with a friend. It was his best bud's first time at a friend's house so I was unsure if it would actually end up happening but before they went to bed it was requested that next time it be for two nights so I guess they had fun. They played, had pizza, watched a movie, laughed, jumped on beds, giggled in bed for awhile before I went in and told them if they want another sleepover then they had to sleep. That worked and they were out like a light. The next morning they slept til 8, Aaron made pancakes and when the time came for his mom to get him he was in tears he had to leave. These boys are the best together, I love their friendship. I have never heard an argument or a fight between them that isn't resolved within 30 seconds on their own. They cherish the time they have together since they don't go to the same school. They used to see each other everyday when they were at the same preschool, and I wonder if somehow we can coordinate them going to the same middle school one day. I really cannot see them growing apart anytime soon. And the hugs they give each other when they have to part, melt me.