Spider Pavilion

Two Fridays ago I took the kids to the Natural History Museum with some friends to see the Spider Pavilion. I don't know how they talked me into it. Remember the Butterfly Pavilion, yeah, same place, only this time, no butterflies. Spiders. I was assured by a very nice employee who worked there that they were all non poisonous and the non native ones were only females so that they couldn't reproduce. Um, have you seen Arachniphobia!? They find a way!!! The kids loved it, so what can I say. I sacrifice.

It's called the flashlight tour of the Spider Pavilion. Once the sun starts to go down they pass out flashlights to all the kids and these light up pins and the kids just go exploring in this huge outdoor enclosed space. These spiders no joke, 6-8 inches. No. Joke.

Not to worry, this black widow was BEHIND glass. Along with tarantulas. Thank goodness is all I can say for that.

I must admit, Greta is a pretty tough girl to hang with all these boys and spiders.

I constantly was checking overhead that these guys didn't come down on my head. Very real possibility.

Do you get what is happening here people? These is NOTHING between you and the spiders and their webs. NOTHING!