Photo Shoot-Pacific Palisades

I feel like life has been so hectic around here that I can't catch up. Aaron's youngest brother is in town and we've been nonstop since last week. This weekend I took the kids to the Natural History Museum (post in the works), Gunnar was under the weather Saturday while Aaron and his brother went to the USC game followed by a Portugal the Man concert, then Sunday I had this fun photo shoot then bowling and pizza with friends. And it's not slowing down, I have lots of fun stuff to document on here I just have to get around to it all. Aaron and I had a fun night last night, just not together. We did our own thing but hopefully will reconnect in the near future. I forget what he looks like.

But I really didn't want to delay in sharing these photos of some of the sweetest kids I know. Seriously, such. good. kids. I got to photograph their whole family awhile ago, and now that Lena just started kindergarten and Jake started middle school, their mama wanted to capture this time in their lives before actual teenage-hood and missing teeth take over. I wanted something with lots of color, but comfortable. I didn't want super edited photos, but just a great peek into their lives and their relationship. I haven't had time to update my photography blog yet with this session, so here's a few of my favorites. I could've posted a dozen more from this session, I just love how they interacted with each other and am so happy I got to document this phase in their lives.

Is there anything better than when your brother or sister makes you laugh? I didn't think so.

And can I just mention this girl's natural highlights in her hair? BEAUTIFUL!

This last photo I have to include because when I was editing them it made me all teary eyed. I think this demonstrates the wonderful relationship of a younger sister and her older brother. This right here is what I always envisioned when I wanted an older brother growing up. Not only someone to make you laugh, but to be able to shield your face and laugh in his back when you were too embarrassed not to.