Horseback riding in Ojai, CA

We took the kids horseback riding for their first real trail ride in Ojai. I didn't really know what to expect but I prepared the kids that Sawyer and Greta would possibly have to ride with Aaron and I, how wrong I was. Each kid had their own horse and couldn't have been more thrilled. Aaron and I got on our horses first and I was surprised that my little peanut of a 4 year old took direction from the horse trainer perfectly and saddled right up. Greta's horse was tethered to the guide's horse so I had no fear of the horse running off with her, but I was a little nervous about Greta falling off. But she got a little lesson in leaning forward and back whenever the horse climbed up a hill or down one. Greta is inlove with all animals, and horses are near and dear to her heart. We had only been on the trail for 10 minutes when she turned around and yelled out, "mama! can we do this again?!" I was in the way back and Greta was in the lead. She was quite chatty with the guide and really never stopped talking for the entire hour. By the end of the ride Sawyer had quite a few hives all over his hands and face and we think he may be allergic. Poor kid, but he was a trooper and the complaints and itching only began as we were nearing the end.

I haven't riden in a long time, but oh how I love it too. The weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous, a perfect way to spend a fall morning on vacation. I cannot recommend this place enough, they're the contracted company the hotel uses and they have turkeys, goats, ducks, and chickens all over the ranch.