The boots

These are the boots that Greta picked out and waited patiently for their arrival in the mail. My mom has the habit of giving Greta a clothing catalogs and letting her go through it picking out her stuff. Yeah, can get crazy, right? Well, fortunately, and unfortunately, my daughter is very picky about what she wears so usually she only finds one or two things at a time. These boots and the skirt were what she chose. I have loved Livie & Luca shoes for years, their quality is beautiful and the prices are reasonable for what you get. I was thrilled she picked out a pair of shoes since she lives in her ballet flats and Vans and with it so cold here now, she needed something warmer. Greta lived in these boots while we were in Ojai and she went to school this morning with them on once again. She is a little boot obsessed, and who can blame her! I'm no better.

She does this new thing when I take a photo of her. The poses, where does she get this from?????