Home & a Sewing Project- DIY Hair Accessory

We are home. And it's wet and rainy tonight. The kids cried this morning when we left our beloved Inn & Spa. I agreed with them, we should move there. Well, not really, but I could've stayed a few more days. We rode horses, played golf, went on walks, fed old and new horses apples, swam, played, read, snuggled and ate ate ate. It was pretty cold but in that perfect fall brisk way. Definitely needed sweaters and scarves during the day (don't ask me how my children swam, I got goose bumps just watching them), and at night you better have had lots of layers and a nice big coat. There were frost warnings the first two nights we were there and it was just chilly enough in the morning where you didn't want to get out of bed until you reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a long sleeved shirt to hold the warmth in a little longer. The first couple days I lost my voice and within a day of getting my meds I was so much better. And let me tell you, better to be sick there than at home. I had no guilt about sleeping in every day and indulging in the extra long massages at the spa. At night when everyone was asleep I would pull out Aaron's Ipad, plug in my headphones and watch movies streamed through Netflix. Brilliant I tell you. Brilliant. Best invention. Gunnar and Aaron are currently at the USC/Notre Dame football game and as I watch it pour rain on TV, the score doesn't give me much hope that they left early. The game is tied, so I can see the plastic bags coming out and they wait it out until the end. Took the other two to see Tangled, such a sweet movie. I may have cried a tear or two at the end.

I could barely contain myself to do this DIY tutorial. And I really shouldn't title the post 'sewing project' since you don't need to know how to sew a thing to do it. It was so simple.  Everything until the very last step was self-explanatory. But the last part, securing the clip to the felt, was a little confusing for me. If you're going to try this at home, I decided to hot glue the clip onto the back since I couldn't figure out a way to sew it on. And the glue is pretty great since it's very secure. In fact, I made two and will be putting together a little giveaway soon. Just as soon as I can sort all of our laundry and get our house back in shape after being gone for 5 days.

Here's the finished project and I can't wait to make a few more with different colored fabrics so that I can coordinate them with some other outfits. And yep, that's crow's feet people. I'm thirty and now I have wrinkles. Sigh.