meet oakland

Oakland is Greta's class pet. Greta is obsessed with Oakland. Obsessed. Since the very first day of school that is all she has talked about. She made sure that she was on the weekend rotation immediately as one of the first family's to take Oakland home. We quickly all fell inlove with Oakland. I know that's strange to say about a rodent, but he was so friendly and nice. He never once was nippy or tried to squirm away and Greta is a master hamster holder. The school even sent home a little clear ball for him to exercise in. It was kind of funny. I would be reading in the kitchen and then all of a sudden, "oh, hi oakland" as he goes rolling by your feet on his way into the dining room. It was pretty hilarious.

Hamsters are nocturnal I learned, which is great because the kids got to spend an hour or so with him in the morning after they woke up and then again after dinner for an hour or so. And then he slept the rest of the day, so it was kinda fantastic. Just enough activity to distract them from fighting and watching television, but not too much where I wanted to give the hamster away. Here's some highlights.

There was a whole lot of this, which cracked us up.

And Oakland even visits you when you are in timeout.

Lola did this a lot. Just stared at Oakland and followed his ball around. She was trying to make sense of it. While I took this photo Oakland was cleaning himself in the ball and after a few minutes Lola couldn't take the stillness any longer so she went over to him and gave him a nudge and off he went rolling around again.

I honestly have never seen Greta so responsible and happy. She was just this jolly little girl the entire weekend. And when you would ask her where Oakland was, she would immediately go and check on him and report back his location. She would feed him grapes and raspberries, check his water. It was pretty sweet. In fact on Monday morning she crawled in my bed at 7am and started to cry and ask if we could keep Oakland another week.

The school sent along a little instruction sheet, but no journal. So we quickly remedied the situation and started a journal for Oakland's weekend adventures to go from family to family. I didn't know how the school would react since they are very developmental, but they loved it. They thought it would be great for the kids' literacy. This is Greta's entry she dictated. And then she insisted on signing her and Oakland's name and drawing a picture of the two of them. Notice her very long earrings in the drawing.