- Aaron picked up my camera and it's fixed and it only cost $25!! Such a relief, I was bracing myself for several hundred dollars, but this is such great news. Relief, sweet relief.

- Taught art today in Sawyer's class. I tried very hard to keep it in sync with their current curriculum and I think it went good. The kids were busy and engaged the whole time so that's a success in my book. I love spending time in the kids' class and learning everyone's name and who's good and who's. . . . active. :)

- Gunnar turned in and presented his big book report on Tuesday. Phew, so happy it's over. And just in time for Sawyer to begin his next report on what he wants to be when he grows up. Paleontologist. He didn't blink an eye when I read him the paper and asked what he chose. I was amused at some of the other occupations of kids in his class, professional dog walker, ballerina, ninja. They really crack me up. Sawyer has already began researching his occupation and began to tear up when he discovered there are no local dinosaur excavation sites! That means he would have to move away, and most likely to another continent! I had to hold back my laughter that this was seriously stressing him out at 6 years old. Man I love that kid.

- I just realized that my sister's baby shower is only a little over two weeks away! I did some serious crafting and sewing last night to prepare for it, and I'm on the hunt for an old typewriter that still works. If you are looking to get rid of one, please let me know! I will even pay for it. I have a vision, but I need a typewriter, and one that preferably is pre 1970s. Not to mention I'd like to expand my typewriter collection to more than one.

- I am going to share a delicious recipe with the blogging community that Freya shared with me. And most importantly, it's the easiest thing to make. 3 ingredients- equal parts for the marinade- mirin, tamari (soy sauce), and honey. I have tried it with chicken and pork and both are delicious! I marinaded it for a good part of the day and then bake in an open dish at around 350 for 45-55 minutes. So good. We serve it with brown rice and a veggie of some kind, this week's pick was brussel sprouts for Gunnar. I NEED MORE RECIPES LIKE THIS! Please send me them!

-I have been toying with the idea of taking down the boys bunk beds. They can be two twins side by side, and I kind of am ready for the look of a bedroom. I'm not convinced we need all the floor space that the bunks provide, but Aaron has yet to be swayed. We'll give him a few more months and then try again.

-The kids have all next week off school and I'm thrilled. Well, Greta has school, but the boys will be home. We usually pull them out of school on Tuesday for vacation anyways, so it's nice to know they aren't missing any work. I am so excited to spend some quality with them. I feel like we are in the cycle of school, homework, eat, sleep, repeat. And then our weekends fly by and it's Monday before I can blink. I think we need to have 3 day weekends, as in this should be made a new law. :)