My sister being pregnant has brought up all kinds of conversations I wished would never occur in this house. For instance, if Greta had her way she would ask everyone walking by on the street if they came out of their mom's belly or vagina. Thank you TLC's Baby Story. She likes to talk all about umbilical cords and nursing, but she's brought up some questions that are well beyond her years. For instance she wanted to know a few months ago just HOW Tati and Uncle Carl DIDN'T have a baby all this time. Hmmmmmm. A little magic pill that prevents babies from growing?

This time it was Sawyer's turn and we all were driving home one Thursday night. Here's the convo:

Sawyer: So I don't get it. When two people get married, then all of a sudden they have a baby? Just like that?

Me: Well, no. Tati and Uncle Carl have been married for 11 years and only now having a baby.

Sawyer: So how does it happen?

Me: Well, the girl has the egg, and the boy has the sperm.

Sawyer(interrupting): What's a sperm?

Me: It's what fertilizes the egg. Makes it a baby.

Sawyer: What do you mean?

Me: Well, you know how we use eggs in baking, we crack them like we did today to make the muffins? Those are not fertilized, but if it happened to be a fertilized egg it would be a baby chick. So fertilized means when it's a baby.

Sawyer: So the boy has to crack the egg and then put his sperm in it?

Me: Hmmmm. Dad?

Aaron: Ummm. Yeah. But you have to throw the shell away.

Oy vey. You see, Aaron is no help on this one. I don't think his parents taught him about sex growing up and everything he learned on the subject he learned from a boy on the school bus. So I'm on my own and my son currently thinks that the eggs in our refrigerator are just waiting to be babies if he can find his sperm to put inside it. Oh lord.