Sewing Project- Skinny Ties

I have been staring at a pile of ties on my sewing desk for months. I read a great tutorial a few months back and mentioned to Aaron that I would try it, making regular ties into skinny ties. He immediately cleaned out his tie drawer and they've been sitting there ever since. The other night I got the bright idea to try the tutorial and see how it goes. The front, not too bad. The back, eh. But it'll do, and Aaron can actually tie them without them falling apart, so not too bad I guess.

Still without my camera, so here is just an iphone photo of one of the before ties, with the ipad open to the tutorial I was following along with.

And here's the afters.

I will recommend NOT beginning with a wool tie, it was kinda hard. The silk one was much easier. I can't tell if Aaron's excitement is genuine or not, but here he is trying one on.

I wish I was better in the whole hidden stitching area, better as in capable of performing it. No Project Runway going on here, I really can't imagine how people can be self taught with this stuff. It's difficult. I need a class.

Wordless Wednesday won't be skipped this week! I have a post ready to go with a photo that was hiding on a memory card. But until we get my camera back, it's going to be kinda sad in the photo department. :( I will try and keep you entertained with my wit. :)