weekend deals

November is a pretty darn good time of year to shop, and since I was so good over the last few months, with only minimal purchases, I've splurged. This weekend there's some amazing deals around and so I'll share the ones I've taken advantage of.

Canvas People is having a pretty amazing promotional, where an 8x10 canvas is free, you just pay the shipping and handling, which was $14.95 for me. I can't vouch for their quality yet since this is the first time I've ordered through them, but I figure $15 is worth a risk if their quality is decent.

I ordered a few things from Old Navy, 30% your entire order right now using code ONGET30 at checkout. Their selection is pretty cute right now and Gunnar has been asking for a pair of skinny jeans. Seriously. I didn't even know he knew what that meant and then he described them to me, and he was right. I figure we'll go the cheap route with Old Navy in case he changes his mind after having less room in the legs. Plus I had a $10 Banana Republic rewards card, so it was ridiculously cheap.

Did you know that Land's End has a new line that's a little more modern, it's called Canvas. On their homepage is a code and pin for 30% off your whole purchase and free shipping. Cute stuff. I'm not a huge Land's End fan, but I do love their quality, and this new line had some stuff definitely worth ordering. Hopefully it fits good.

J.Crew has some adorable stuff right now on sale. A shirt I kicked myself for not getting a few months ago was back in stock and on sale.

I ordered a pair of boots for Greta, unfortunately not on sale, but I saw them earlier in the week on a little girl and have been researching what brand they were ever since. Adorable. And she's all about boots right now. And she only has one pair which is 2 sizes too big, yet she insists on wearing them. I crack up when she wears them out because she trips and falls all over the place. I will share pics when we get them in the mail and are sure they fit. But her shoes are starting to cost as much as mine!

There's my guilty purchases. Happy shopping!