Girls Night

Sorry to skip out on Wordless Wednesday today. But I got nothing. My camera has been in the shop. Don't. Ask. I don't know what's wrong and I don't know what it's going to cost. So I'd rather not talk about it. And not to mention I am exhausted. I really can't keep the bedtime of an 18 year old and the wake up time of a 4 year old. It's just not working. But Uncle Zeb leaves tomorrow night. Yeah, he was supposed to leave last night but he changed his flight. I think we are making it way too fun here. I need to give him more chores maybe.

This night was payback for Aaron and Zeb living it up at the Portugal the Man concert the previous week, not to mention multiple USC games they went to. So it was my turn. Last week I went with two girlfriends (thanks girls!) to one of my most favorite female artist's (she is tied with Regina Spektor for sure) concert at The Music Box, Ingrid Michaelson. I have never been to this venue in Hollywood but it was awesome. It has been so long since I've been to a smaller, more intimate concert, and I forgot how awesome they are. She was amazing. And hilarious. I have never laughed so much at a concert. But she had the best stories and little tidbits to share in between songs. It was overall fantastic.

We started the night for dinner at Susan Feniger's


on Highland. Awesome. It was delicious. And then headed over to the concert. I wish I could see her again actually, it was that good. I took this with my iphone, wish I had one of the 3 of us though. The girls were dressed pretty adorable if you ask me. :)

In case you haven't heard of her, why not?! She's so talented and well you HAVE heard of her because she is the music to most of my videos, like the


of Greta I just posted. And the camping


I did awhile back. Don't worry Jane I have a disc all ready to go with new music for you to listen to. :)