on my mind...

-thinking of making a trip to Anthropologie to finally part with my much coveted giftcard I've been saving for months. new mugs are on my list.

-haven't stopped thinking about "Waiting for Superman" since I saw it this week. fantastic documentary. bring your tissues.

-how exciting one little email can make me. i love finding a notice in my inbox from the library that my book is on the shelf waiting for me to come check it out.

-enjoying lots of fall around here despite the warm forecast for the weekend. we enjoyed fires 3 nights this week in our fireplace and i love that for days my house smells like a delicious fire. we also enjoyed our first serving of warm spiced cider and a batch of pumpkin muffins that aaron made. delish. tonight i came home with greta late and aaron had made a delicious dinner of tilapia, brown rice, and brussel sprouts and then he had baking an oven full of apple spiced bread.

-my kids are pretty fortunate. in more ways than one. you'd never know we don't celebrate birthdays based on the number of parties these kids go to. greta had one this afternoon where she was in playtime heaven, and she gets to go to a much anticipated tea party tomorrow where she's debating on which outfit to wear. i like that she's getting to the age where she has things of her own. her friends. her likes and dislikes. parties that she gets invited to all on her own. a reminder that she's not just third in line, but she's a little person all on her own. i'm realizing more and more that the kids need their own time and activities. so much of their days are spent doing what someone else has to get done, or going to a place for someone else's activity, it's a good reminder for me and Aaron to give them each individual time and activities where they can just be themselves.

-secretly loved my work schedule this week, (maybe because I didn't work very much at all). i know i shouldn't be happy about things like that, but after last week's crazy work week, i savored this week immensely. i think i only saw 3 clients and they each were on separate days, and get this, not one client past 7 pm! it was so wonderful to enjoy some needed couch time with aaron. but i'm sure once i do next week's bills i'll be singing another tune.