Apple Orchards at Riley's Farm

Our last summer outing was at Riley's Farm the Saturday before school began. I posted the video of our day a few weeks ago. It's quite a schlep but well worth it. Last year we went a little late, it was fall already and the apple orchards were bare, so we picked pumpkins instead. This time we made sure to pick just the right weekend. And it was almost perfect. We had planned to go with a few families and Jane got wickedly ill and they couldn't make it. For some reason this particular weekend was empty. I mean empty. And we not only picked apples, but we picked pears and raspberries as well. We were the sole people out there in the orchards. And we stayed in the raspberry fields until we saw all the workers packing up and heading home. We figured that was our cue to leave, but we never were officially told it was closed. It was so great and honestly I spent the next few days dreaming of what it would be like to live on a farm, or just have that much land for roaming and planting and playing and animals. As you'll be able to see, the kids had a blast. On the walk back to the car we passed a stable with horses that were so beautiful and sweet, so what did we do? We shared our apples with them. Do you think my kids will remember days like these?

Warning, picture overload ahead. But I couldn't help myself. The light was gorgeous and it danced in my lens and these make me happy.