Shower Details- Dessert

Anyone that knows me well knows that I hate cake. Sawyer was blessed with the same tastebuds as me in that category. We both despise cake. In fact, I didn't even have a wedding cake. So, no surprise there won't be a typical cake at my nephews shower. I wanted something fun and more dessert bar-ish so I came up with the idea of a gelato bar. Who doesn't love gelato? And it sounds so much more classy than ice cream, no? The flavor is still undecided since I have to go taste test before I make up my mind. But these are the supplies I ordered to go with the whole blue/white striped theme.

I found the most adorable gelato cups at the best online baking supply store, Bake It Pretty. I have ordered from them since two more times since I can't get over their selection.

And I cannot find them any longer at the same site, but I also ordered the cutest rainbow gelato spoons that look like this, however the ones I bought are not as bright, a little more subdued.

And you can't have any kind of dessert bar without toppings. So I ordered the most delicious looking sprinkles, and will have other fun yummy toppings to choose from as well.

I cannot tell you how great Bake It Pretty really is, go on there and check out the funnest stuff. I ordered baker's twine and little bakery bags, and we've already put them to use whenever we make a batch of muffins and tie up a cute little bag as a present for someone. We also got the most adorable selection of little cupcake wrappers and little tags. My head is a turning for Greta's next party, let me tell you. . .