wii & documentaries

First, I thought I would share the Wii games the kids are enjoying in this house at the moment. Right now in the arsenal of rotation are: Madden(NFL-I heard 2011 is out but Gunnar is still happy with 2010, so we're good), NBA2K10, Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars, Toy Story 3. Those seem to be getting the most play and all our games are rated E for everyone. We went for weeks without touching the Wii, and that seems to be our MO, an up and down cycle of interest in the Wii. Our rule is no Wii playing until all our homework and reading is done for the day. Including any reports that need to be worked on. Right now Gunnar is working on a book report and Sawyer on an animal report/presentation. They have to do their normal homework and then work a little bit on their project. Once that's complete they get no more than 30 min max on the Wii. Some days, there's just not enough time in the day. But I do think the kids need a little bit of down time and I would kind of rather them do that on their feet and moving instead of sitting on the couch. And our screen time rule is usually maximum of 1 hour, but usually they only have time for the 30 minutes they play Wii. On weekends we will let them watch a movie usually once, or we go to a movie. Greta is not so much into the Wii yet. We have one game for her, but she would rather actually go play with her princesses than watch one on the game. And I won't complain with that.

The reason I LOVE the Wii is for the Netflix Instant Queue. Love that thing. And even if a movie I want is no longer available on the Wii, I can go to the website and add to my Instant Queue, and then next time I turn on the Wii, it's there. Voila! We recently watched two amazing documentaries. Just have tissues ready. The first is The Cove. It won an Oscar for best documentary, and I totally agree. Disturbing but so well done. It's about a cove in Japan where thousands upon thousands of dolphins are murdered there every year, and the risks these divers and filmmakers took to make this film.

The next one we saw, whoa. Have a whole box of tissues at hand. It's called My Flesh and Blood. It follows a mother in Northern California for a year. She has 11(?) adopted children, all with special needs. Aaron convinced me to watch it and we were pretty much silent the entire film. It was powerful. I cannot imagine what she goes through in her life, and in her heart every day. Losing her children to death sometimes. And loving all of them no matter what mental, emotional, and physical problems it brings on the family. She even let's some of the children have contact with their birth families, who really have no reason NOT to care for their own children, but it just seems more convenient to have this other woman, Susan, be their mom. Wonderful film, heartbreaking, but really worth watching.