Sometimes I feel the urge to clarify my blog. I think it may have to do with the fact that it's a little unnerving to sometimes see the number of people who read the blog but not actually know who you all are as individuals, or even what city and state you live in! However having a public blog, that's just part of the territory. And I guess that's why I refrain from posting negative things on here. Do you really want to read about the fact that our car was broken into last weekend? Or the number of times we clean up dog vomit in a month? Or the days I have no patience and apologize to my kids for losing my cool? I just think most people have their own bad days and bad events happening, do you really want to come here and read about mine? Unlikely.

I would rather just show you the snippets of good times and fun, with a little bit of the comedy/reality that comes with raising three children. Yet, at the same time I would hate for you to think that that's all that goes on in this house. Far from it. It may seem that all we do is travel, paint, read, cook, take photos, dance, and laugh, but we are a normal family that has normal problems. And I am not perfect. Aaron believes I have an unusual amount of energy and drive to get things done, but really, I have my moments of vegetation on the couch. I have my evenings of sitting on the couch with hot tea and not moving for two straight hours. Oh the lazy evenings of television, I love you, why are you so few and far between?

And Aaron and I argue like any normal married couple. But I would hate to use my blog as a complaining outlet where I moan and whine. Sure, I can moan about sick kids, and unloading the dishwasher twice a day, endless loads of laundry, and kids' book reports, but you don't need to hear about who hurt whose feelings. But, I can assure you, we fight. As we have gotten older, the fights become less frequent. But I think that's normal too, you are more in sync with one another, and honestly, you are just too dang tired to argue, so you just let it go.

I also have my many imperfections and flaws. But again, do you come here wanting me to be brutally honest where it may appear all I am looking for is reassurance? Bleh. Cannot stand that. Not going to happen on here. If you know me you know my weaknesses and flaws. If you don't, trust me, they are there. Although, I have discussed on here qualities I have tried/am trying to work on in frank honesty in the past. And I feel good about those posts, but continuing those regularly just isn't what I want this blog to be about. I could focus on all the plants I have murdered, cilantro, carrots and snap peas thus far. But that's just sad. Rather, I want this blog to be a memory for me and my family of all the wonderful things I want to hold onto as we age and go through this wild and crazy adventure together. I really don't want to remember a fight I had with my mom, or the fears I have on a daily basis. I want this to be a little bit of a celebration. A celebration of the good stuff, with bits and pieces of our everyday. Everyday dinners and everyday conversations, everyday books and everyday art.

My house projects are purely motivated by selfish desires. Honestly, when I tell myself "this project is going to be a blog post" I get it done. I actually complete the task and that's because I feel like there's accountability. If I just say it in my head and then don't follow through, heck, why would I complete anything? There's no accountability. But knowing I plan to share it on the blog gives me that boost of motivation. And it makes me so happy when I hear from some of you that I inspired you somehow. I cannot tell you how many blogs inspire me. I love seeing how people have designed their home, or what festive decorations they have in their house, or what art projects they are doing with their kids. So I would feel as if I contribute nothing to the blogging world if I didn't do my own share.

There's a few things I would like to do more of on this blog. And if there is anything you would like to see more of in particular, please please please let me know. If you aren't comfortable commenting, just send me an email. I am sometimes amazed at what posts get huge spikes in readers compared to others. And I think if I did a new house project every single day, a lot of you would be happy. But that's just not realistic, so here's what I would like to do more of:

1. more giveaways! i really think they are great, if only i knew what to give away! but i have a few ideas, so i'm going to work on it. even if i do one every few months, that's a huge improvement over what i've done in the past.

2. blogs that inspire me. i am going to try and post more links and photos of blogs that i love and i read.

3. i really like my wordless wednesday, and so i'm debating having another regular weekly post, but i don't know if i can commit to something that routine at the moment. any ideas? maybe a weekly style watch of stuff i am oogling over?

That's all I got for now. Just wanted to clarify (as if there was really any doubt) that I am not perfect, our lives are not all lollipops and rainbows. But if I can just hold onto those rainbows and put them in print, I will. Which is why we have My Life at Playtime. Not My Life at Miserabletime, nor My Life at Crappytime. Nope, playtime. Mine. My kids. And hopefully yours.