book time

We are in the midst of the kid's school Readathon at the moment. They pledge to read a certain amount of minutes/hours per day for 2 weeks. Sawyer pledged 48 minutes a day, random I know. Gunnar pledged 25 minutes, lazy for sure. :)

I've had to keep a steady supply of good reading material around, and it seems I can't put books on the shelves fast enough. I go to the library once each week and pick up 8 books usually at a time for them. 4-6 for Sawyer, 1 for Gunnar, and 1-3 for Greta. Gunnar reads longer books now so he usually doesn't go through them one a day like Sawyer. Sawyer has been enjoying these books for now:

Cam Jansen series- I like that there's a whole bunch to choose from and our local library keeps a good amount in stock. It says for ages 4-8, but I can't imagine an 8 year old enjoying it. I would say more of a 4-6, maybe 7 year olds.

Bones series- we picked up one of these for the first time this week. These books he sits down with and reads in one sitting, but it means he is reading, and he's interested, and that's his reading for the night.

I recently rearranged Greta's bookcase when I put up the photo wall in her room. And I discovered some great books that I have been neglecting.

This one, The Dot, such a beautiful message. Whenever one of my kids say they can't do something well, this is the book I need to pull out.

Library Lion- I love this book so much. And the illustrations are beautiful.

Greta has also been having me reread to her almost daily the Clarice Bean books. I don't mind because I laugh out loud every time with those books. Especially whenever her grandpa is talking, he cracks me up. He calls a neighbor kid "shouting boy" and he puts soup in his cereal by accident and complains how lumpy it is.

Gunnar still is breezing through the Who Was/Is series, so far he read about Queen Elizabeth and is on to Benjamin Franklin now.

I just finished The Maze Runner. Really good for all of you Hunger Games fans. Aaron has been making fun of my choices in books, he wants to know if I have been growing chest hair. Apparently my recent picks are popular in the teenage boy category. The Maze Runner is a trilogy so I'm waiting for the second one at my library. What can I say, I've been in a futuristic/sci fi mood lately, kinda Lost Boys-ish. Amazon says this one is for grades 6-10, oh well. I liked it! Aaron about had a heart attack when he saw my recent library book, 1984. He looked at me and said, "you know that's really old right?" I do, and I bet it's still good, even 60 years later.

Hope you all are enjoying some good books. I always feel come fall and winter there's a whole lot more reading in our house. I think it's because it gets dark so fast and we're inside more due to rain, not that we get much, but for us it's been a wet fall already. I also think we are always in high gear with books after starting school again. Book reports, book clubs, reading charts. And I'm not complaining, there is truly nothing like a really good book that you just. have. to. finish. And I so hope that my kids still love reading as they get older.

Happy Reading time everyone!