weekending. . .

so far has included. . .

-morning wake up dance party on my bed.

-another batch of pumpkin muffins thanks to aaron.

-welcoming nanni & papa home.

-dinner with a girlfriend at casa del mar.

-finally made it to anthropologie to spend that giftcard burning a hole in my pocket.

-boys went to the usc game.

-a way too brief visit with jane. way way way too brief.

-pizza delivery.



-hot tea in my new mugs.

-interesting conversation with greta about her frequent recurring dream involving rainbows, unicorns, sparkles, tati, nanni, myself.

-and another disturbing interesting conversation with her getting too close to the birds and the bees talk. her question involved how an egg turns into a baby. and how the baby gets there in the first place. oy vey. this whole tati pregnant thing is not so good at times like these.