enjoying. . .

- the thought that my parents come home tomorrow. after being out of state for 13 of the last 16 days, we are all ready for nanni and papa to return.

- greta figuring out her new school and new friends, i think she knows 80% of the kids' names now. i actually love my one day a month workday at her school. they make it very special for your kids on the day you work. your child comes and gets you to enjoy snack with them, i usually get a tour of the beloved class pet's cage, Oakland, the hamster. she is DYING to take him home one weekend. me, not so much.

- the little things in our schedule. the 10 minutes i get to read when i'm early for greta's carpool. the 2 kids i have home with me on monday afternoons when sawyer takes woodshop, and the 2 kids i have home with me on tuesday afternoons when gunnar has trumpet class. one less kid makes such a difference, even if all we do is have snack and homework, it's quieter and everyone can concentrate so much better. quite the contrast to the 6 kids in the house on wednesday afternoon. but i can't say i didn't love having 6 in the house. it was nice. loud but nice.

- the fact that i picked up a multi vitamin for myself. i haven't taken vitamins regularly in years. i know, such a hypocrite. i'm so 'healthy' this and 'organic' that, and i don't even take a vitamin! the kids take lots daily(vit c, probiotic, multi, omega), but i forget. so i bought a 100% whole food based one that's supposed to be absorbed so much easier and better by your body. we'll see. i watched a great documentary this week, Food Matters, and do you know that the whole afternoon sleepy thing (which I have daily) is nutritional deficiency?! yeah, me neither. we're not supposed to have that if we're eating properly. and get this, 51% of every meal should be raw/fresh. otherwise your body produces white blood cells and reacts to your meal like you're actually fighting an illness. who knew! not that i'm going to be all raw diet food crazy, but i can try make sure that just over half of our meals are fresh/raw. it'll just be expensive. however, the documentary made such a good point, our priorities are all wrong. we would rather spend our money on the house we live in and the car we drive than on the food that goes in our body. don't you hear that often? the whole 'well, i'd rather pay the bills than eat expensive food'... when in reality, i really could care less about the car i drive or the purse on my shoulder. give me healthy food! so far i've taken vitamins the last 2 days, and other than a crazy niacin flush on day 1, i feel pretty good. the niacin thing was crazy. but i found out totally normal, and on day 2 of taking the niacin, no flush. to go from day 1 where i was tomato red and itchy like i had poison oak, to day 2, not one single reaction, pretty interesting. the niacin makes your capillaries larger thus increasing blood flow to the surface of your skin and then it takes toxins away. i've been contemplating doing a cleanse lately. still traumatized from last time, but it's been long enough for me to forget the details.

- watching greta play football with her brothers. she can throw a mean ball. she can also tackle gunnar and bring him down. tough cookie she is.

-the little goodies sawyer brings home from woodshop. this week was hammered pieces of foil into shapes and treasure pieces.