House Project- Kitchen Desk

Our built in desk area in the kitchen is probably our most used and abused piece in the whole house. Everyone sits here, from playing on the computer, to blogging, to watching movies, to working, to doing bills, it's all done here. And it happens to be Lola's favorite spot. We've gone through a bunch of chairs and one did quite a bit of damage with our very active and can't sit in the chair type children. Not to mention Lola's puppy chewing took a toll on all the corners. I didn't photograph the drawers, not sure why, but they were bad. Paint peeling everywhere. Here's some of the damage I did manage to photograph.

Aaron did most of the sanding and I taped, primed and painted. Take a look in the photo below, the base of the desk and corners and all the dings and paint chips.

And below is an 'in the process' photo, you can see the base starting to get painted. Already so much brighter and less dingy looking. I was amazed that we used the exact same paint from the same batch that was used 5 years ago, and yet how much cleaner and whiter it looks.

And here the desk is complete! Trust me, it's not professional looking done, but anything is better than how it looked before. And since Lola loves this spot so much the back wall under the desk got a fresh coat of paint as well. I now walk through the kitchen and don't avert my eyes to the once hideously abused desk. Yay for DIY!