Shower Detail- Color Scheme and Invitations

Brilliant news people! My camera is fixed! Aaron took it in and the guy told him how he could fix it on our own and not pay the $200 assessment charge. And it's fixed and I'm so happy it's working, and it was FREE! So I will share my house project #1 tomorrow.

This summer when we were vacationing in Del Mar the shower plans started coming together. It was confirmed how many showers my sister would have, where I would be throwing mine, and how many would be at that one. I got my way and get to throw the shower at my house. It involved a few alterations in her list and some on one list got moved to another, but ultimately the right number that fits my house was agreed upon. And after that my imagination started flying!

My sister's friend and I are taking on this shower and although she's threatening that she'll only have one child, I am in denial of that fact. However, the slight chance she is speaking the truth, I am going to pack all the punches.

The colors were the jumping point, grey, bright blue, and white. With pops of bright colors throughout. I envisioned the invitations in my head and then called upon the stationary queen of all queens to make it a reality. My Jane. She took what I envisioned and made it so much better!

This is the inspiration for the bright blue and white, and the stripes.


And then from there the menu came along and everything else. The invites I originally thought up were just going to be diagonal stripes in grey and white with bright blue lettering. She came up with the most adorable touch, pinwheels. Thus our crafty night we enjoyed a few days ago. We made a variety of pinwheels and attached them to the invitation with contrasting colored brads.