Dog Sledding

Okay, that cold I had? Yeah, not so much a cold. But rather it was an ear, sinus, and eye infection. Yeah, how many other infections can I get? But I am on some serious drugs and already feel half way normal. Well, halfway normal for me. Which means I was actually able to vacuum today. I have been resting quite a bit, though. I bought the first season of Mad Men before my trip so that I could download it to my iphone for the plane. Yeah, that didn't work out so well. I watched one episode before my air sickness kicked in and I began running for the plane's bathroom to vomit for several hours in a row. Next time I will risk taking the Dramamine despite flying alone. I will pass out on whoever the stranger is sitting next to me before I feel the way I did on the flight out to New York. Anyways, back to my point. I have been resting and am almost done with Season 1 of Mad Men. I totally get what the hype is over that show! Amazing. Love love love it. And the styling and furniture. Awesome.

Back to my original purpose. I'm alive. And here are finally some photos from our dog sledding adventure. If you ever are in Mammoth, you MUST do this. It seriously is one of the best and most exciting things we've ever done. I believe the kids will be talking about it for years to come. They only offer it in two places in California, Mammoth and Squaw.

We had our own sled and Hernandez Family had theirs. We each had a musher and 11 dogs on each team. So COOL!

I already have this one framed and hung in my hallway. An absolute favorite of mine.

I have another set of photos of us with the dogs after the ride. They were the most loving and kind dogs. So sweet and gentle, despite a few of them being half wolf. Those will come hopefully in a few days.