We are getting drenched over here. I have lived in L.A. almost my entire life and I don't think I have seen this much rain in 3 days. Ever. It's kind of tricky going to pick up the kids. Especially the boys. I have Greta and she's pretty slow in her rain boots, then the boys come charging out not realizing it's a torrential downpour and they are splashing and stomping in puddles. The wind is ripping my umbrella up. I am carrying all their backpacks. Trying to find my keys without dropping my iphone in the 3 foot gutter puddles of water, especially since last week Aaron dropped it in the toilet. It had to be laid to rest and we had to buy a new one. Needless to say, by the time we get home we are all soaked to the bone. The kids undress at the front door and there are jackets and pants and socks and boots and shirts strewn from the front door to their bedroom. Today I came home and curled up on the couch with a few of the kids, can't really tell you which ones since I fell asleep. And at 4pm when he walked in that is where I was. Sleeping on the couch with my scarf still on. I haven't taken a nap in, I don't know how long, probably the last time I was really sick. And it felt so good. Not sure I am going to say the same thing about it tonight as I lay in bed for hours and hours. But maybe the rain will help lull me to sleep. And guess what? We get at least 2 more days of this!

My little owl obsession has manifested itself over in the sewing department. I was browsing blogs and came across a mom who sewed a little owl onto her hoodie, I thought what a great idea to put on something for Greta. Sawyer about died over the owl and insisted I make one for him. And then Alissa had to get one too. Can't leave out any of my children! ;) Gunnar wasn't too thrilled with wearing owl embroidered clothes, so he had his heart set on a pouch made of some robot cloth I picked up. I'll have to photograph that soon too. The owls are all different, and I forgot to take a photo of Alissa's owl shirt before I mailed it off, but Greta insisted on one exactly like Alissa's so I will be making a duplicate soon enough.

I picked up the yellow t-shirt at Target for $5 and then spent about an hour on the owl itself. I hand stitched the eyes and nose, and then used the sewing machine for the owl body layers and wings, and to put it on the shirt itself. I absolutely love it and am tempted to make one for myself. . .

Here is Greta sporting her new shirt and a new headband I made as well.

Sawyer sat by my side the entire time I sewed his. He helped pick everything out and was my little cheerleader along the way. He would say things like, "good job mama", "you're almost done", "wow mama, that's going fast", and "i love it mama". He put it on immediately after I finished but insisted he take it off for dinner for fear of spilling something on it. This one has no aversion to anything I make, he is proud to sport mama's dippy sewing projects any day!