American Girl

(I will post some fun(ny) video clips from our trip to Mammoth tomorrow.)

I'm pretty sure Greta had an American Girl doll before she was born, but I'm not positive on that timing. It's pretty close. My mom had been chomping at the bit to take her to the American Girl Store and last year we went and Greta picked out, ummm, Rebecca? I'm not sure what her name is, but I remember Greta insisting on buying her purple eyeglasses. I had plans to take Greta to lunch with a big group of girlfriends last month, but things got crazy, kids got sick, and then I had to throw Sawyer's Kindergarten winter party that day, so we had to cancel. I did manage to get reservations right before we left for Mammoth. Greta had 3 weeks off school like her brothers, so the timing was perfect.

She debated for days over which doll and outfit she was going to bring. You see, it's very insane, she has 3. I know. But my mom likes sets. It's kind of the way I am. If I like something I like to have the whole set, not just one. Well, let's just be happy she only has 3 of these dolls, and not the ENTIRE collection of dolls. This particular doll she picked to bring had the ballet ensemble on, and when we were at the store we couldn't find this doll anywhere. Very strange, but glad we got her when we did because there is no other doll with this hair and eye color combination.

The lunch is very exciting for little people, but beware the food is not so exciting. They also have loaner dolls in case you don't have a doll. So naturally, Greta grabbed an extra doll so she was flanked on both sides. They serve sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses and the little dolls have a tea set just their size as well. It's all very grown up and adorable.

The most exciting part for me is that there were girls in there that were 11, 12, 13, even 14 years old. And I absolutely love that they are still into dolls. None of that Hannah Montana and slutty dressed tweens, just wholesome sweet dolls. I hope Greta still loves her dolls at that age. We'll try our best to encourage this for the next decade.

This face pretty much says it all.