Hope your weekend was fantastic. Ours was wonderful. We kicked off Friday night with family movie night, Kung Fu Panda as the feature presentation. Saturday was full of service, park and cleaning. Saturday night we had our date with Peter and Heather and went to an amazing French bistro in Silverlake, Cafe Stella. Absolutely fabulous food. I'm not such a fan of French food, but everything I had was incredible. I ordered the Burrata and Heirloom Tomato salad to start and then had the Sole as my entree. I ordered their cheesecake for dessert which was also fantastic. Aaron couldn't decide, I believe he would've liked to have ordered everything on the menu but settled for French Onion Soup and Mussels. But I know he was still craving the Escargot and Steak Tartare. Heather and Peter got salads and then the Sole and Shortribs, ending with Profiteroles. Delicious. Really worth the drive and the ambience was perfect. Great company, great food, great wine. Pair that with the babysitter who managed to put all 3 kids to sleep before we got home, a good night.

LuAnn and I went to the Long Beach flea market early this morning and fortunately the rained held off until the afternoonr. Here are my treasures, everyone got something.

And now that the rain has begun, which is supposed to last most of this week, we are going to start a fire and curl up in our pajamas.