rainy day schedule

The kids are home from school today and it's POURING rain outside. I am not complaining however. I love me a good rainy day to stay inside. We stayed in our pajamas until at least 10:30 and we have kept quite busy watching the Tivo'd Vikings game from yesterday. Alright, I kinda have a crush on Brett Favre now. I mean seriously, how do you know where Rice is going to be 10 seconds before he gets there? I know that's why they are paid the big dollars, but come on, that was insane!

The boys are obsessed with Perler Beads, and especially when it rains, they just work on their projects for hours and hours. We bought a large tub at Michael's for around $10, and it has provided dozens and dozens of hours of craft fun for them. Sawyer especially is a little fuse bead genius. Check out what they have created:

Greta has been kept quite busy with her Harajuku dolls.

We finished reading James and the Giant Peach right after we got back from Mammoth, and are now onto Blood on the River. It's a historical fiction book set in James Town. Gunnar is loving it, and I have a feeling it's going to become a book he reads on his own and not our bedtime read aloud book.

I was supposed to have a photo shoot today down at Santa Monica Pier, but once again we were rained out! So disappointing. It's been rescheduled for 2 weeks from now.

For now we are staying inside and keeping dry. And looking forward to family dinner night at my sister's house tonight, and not mine!