Nykiel Home Shoot

It seriously never rains in Los Angeles. We're talking 5-7 days a YEAR! Well it DID rain, and of course on the day of a photo that could not be rescheduled. You may remember this family who have since relocated to Southern California. Their little boy has grown in the last few months and with grandparents visiting from Europe and the midwest we had one day where their trips overlapped each other. And this was the day it rained. All day I was hoping the skies would part for a little bit of sunshine. Nope. But I did manage to talk them into a few outdoor photos in the drizzle. The lighting was beautiful. We had to bring our shoot inside and this little man was on the move let me tell you. But I do love a home shoot where everyone is a little more relaxed and at ease, especially little people.

Here's a few highlights, and for more you can check out my photo blog.

Oh that face!

I love the way mom and babe are looking at each other.

And probably my favorite.