mammoth, part uno

I really should be posting about my last shoot in December, but these photos are ready to go on my desktop, so we're not going to go in chronological order. Not that you have any control of that. I promise to get my act together and by the end of the week, okay, maybe the weekend, I will post photos from my last shoot. These photos are from the first two days of our trip. The drive up was not bad at all. I ate at Subway for the first time in probably 5 years. Not a fan of fast food, there will be more on that later. Subway is still fast food to me. Blech.

The trees were gorgeous, as they always are this time of year.

Stopping for a pee break by the side of the road. Aaron tried to throw a snowball into the car, he missed, and it was not such a good idea in the first place.

We were planning on staying at the same condo as last January, but the owner double booked the week. So he arranged for us to stay in his friend's condo in the same complex of Snowcreek. To our benefit, this place was 1,000 square feet larger and he arranged to get us the same deal we were going to pay him. Right above the kitchen is a loft where Gunnar, Sawyer, and Maddie slept. There were 2 bedrooms on the main level and the little girlies slept in our rooms. It was beautiful. Just stunning and so much space to run around in. We seriously were extremely fortunate to have scored this deal.

Aaron got altitude sickness during our first night and he slept most of the next day. So it was me and Elliott and 4 bundled up kids that went to the lodge. We had to get them all to ski/snowboard school. And let me tell you, so much work! We were exhausted by 9:30am. Just getting the kids out the door with their gloves and jackets and boots on, then carry their helmets, goggles, skis, boots, snowboards, etc. Buckle them in the car, unload the kids and all the gear. Walk them all upstairs to class, sign them all in, give each teacher the correct name of the kid, contact information, which helmet goes with which kid, which ski goes with which kid, I can go on like this for hours. Needless to say, when Elliott and I got on the first chair lift we were ready to take a nap.

Here's Sawyer in ski school. Not such a fan let me tell you. He can stop and go down, but not loving it. In fact, the ski school instructor called at 1:30 to tell me to come pick up my kid since he was refusing to put his skis on. He would have been much happier in the lodge with a chapter book and some hot chocolate. But, can you blame him? Who wouldn't like that?

This is Greta, in the pink jacket, the tiny one. She loved ski school this day. Just rode the magic carpet and came down the hill, and rode the magic carpet and came down the hill, about 20 times. I have the most adorable 9 second video of her walking with her skis across the snow to get to the magic carpet. I will do a video post with clips later. When I picked her up she begged to go to ski school the next day, which I was not expecting. Unfortunately they have male teachers who also teach 3 year olds how to ski, and that was not flying with her. So after an hour and half of her crying the following day, I just picked her up out of class and brought her on the lift with us. Video of that to come too. Really hilarious.

Fortunately by this night Aaron was feeling better and I knew he'd be good to go the next day with us. Gunnar boarded with Aaron and I had Greta with me, Elliott had Maddie and we pretty much stayed on the beginner run all morning. Sawyer opted to go to Color Me Mine with Amanda and Mallory, so everyone was happy. I have to say it was pretty awesome to be with Gunnar and Aaron on the first ride that morning. I realized that Aaron and I have never ever skied/snowboarded together. Ever. We've been together almost 12 years, and either I have been pregnant or breastfeeding, or the kids too little to actually go to the snow, or last year we took turns staying with Greta. So it was very exciting to sit next to each other on the lift and ride down together.

More to come as soon as I get my head on straight. It was kind of hard to go from our trip to the very next morning all 3 kids back to school after having 3 weeks off. We all needed a little adjustment and my house is still kind of scary.