how i did. . .

Last year I made some non new year's resolutions. And I accomplished them all, I am very happy to type this. Although it kind of makes me think I set my goals a little too low. So this year I am going to challenge myself a little. I didn't consciously set out to accomplish my resolutions, but I think putting them to paper, or to blog I should say, helped solidify for me that I really wanted to achieve them all.

1. Personal study. Having kids completely destroyed any type of personal study schedule for me. And I most definitely have missed it being a regular part of my week. I would really like to study in depth each week in preparation for one of our meetings and just on a personal theme that I choose.

2. Learn to sew. I am loving playing around with my sewing machine, but I would really like to know what I'm doing and not "wing it".

3. Cook more. I am doing better recently, but I would like to cook 2-3 nights a week, a whole meal.

4. Learn to knit. I still really want to learn to knit. Nothing fancy. I will settle for scarves and hats. But something! Anything!

5. Redo the boys' room. I envision changing their tall bookcases that hold all their toy baskets and books to something more open. Like open shelving. And getting rid of their small bookcase by the window. Their books don't fit in it anyway, so I'd like to combine their books and toys onto the same furniture.

6. Host a few more giveaways for photo sessions. I loved doing the last one and can't wait to deliver their photos to them.

7. Keep up pilates. Although it's hard, I can really tell a difference in my body.

8. Do one more cleanse. I know, crazy right? This time I won't do a whole month, but a more severe, one week cleanse. Anyone want to join me? I'm thinking when spring comes since change of season is the best time to do it.

There they are. Now that I typed them, I feel like they must be done. . .