a laugh

Quick sewing update: Thank you for the emails with the fabric links. I think I will post next week what they are so that I can share the fabric love. Sewing. I love it. Seriously, love. Tuesday night I came home and instead of turning the tv on or getting on the computer, I sat down and sewed. I had some leftover felt from the kids' art projects and sewed up these adorable little mini bags. I will have to take some photos, I even hand sewed a bit. It was completely relaxing, almost therapeutic. I really understand how time also escapes you. I started at around 9pm and my goal was 2 little bags. Well, next thing I know, it's 10:30 and 2 bags multiplied into 5. Kind of addicting I tell you. Now, onto my regular scheduled post.

Driving home from dinner:

Greta: Mama, is this Regina Spektor?

Me: Yes.

Greta: Mama, what does she look like?

Me: I can show you a picture when we get home. But she has brown hair and it is curly just like yours.

Sawyer: Is it curly like mine?? DOES SHE HAVE A BIG FRO?

(uncontrollable laughter from everyone in car for about 2 minutes)

Sawyer: No, really. Does she have a big fro?