holga, how i love thee. or wait, maybe it was diana.

Little side note-I am sitting here writing little love notes to my boys to tuck into their lunch bags and snack bags for their first day of school tomorrow. Sawyer is officially a kindergartner and Gunnar a second grader. There are no tears yet. I am holding it together pretty well. And maybe that has to do with my funny little boy who insisted that I label everything in and on his backpack with both his first and last name. Because foolish mama doesn't think of the likely possibility that another boy named Sawyer is in his class. I can tell he is just as excited as he is nervous. And my little pro Gunnar, just stands there shaking his head at little brother with a slight roll of the eyes. I guess he easily forgot that that was him only 2 years before. Cross your fingers everyone that tomorrow goes well and everyone remember where their Orange Juice money is!

I get confused when I get my photos back from the lab. I get mixed up which roll was in which camera. Nevertheless I love them. I love that they are what they are, no tweaking, no cropping, no editing. Just pure love.

holga 2

holga 3

I think this next one is in my top 10 photos of all time. I L O O O V E it.

holga 4

holga 1

holga 5

holga 6

holga 7