Del Mar Food post

Yep. Another post of what we eat on vacation.

But first have to say what an exciting weekend we have planned. I'm taking the kids (minus Gunnar, he chose to golf with my dad instead) to the beach tomorrow for our last summer beach day. Then on Saturday we are celebrating my sister and brother in law's 10 year wedding anniversary. 10 years. Happy Anniversary you guys! And most exciting, Aaron and I both have the day off on Monday and he's not even on call. Hope everyone enjoys a great 3 day weekend.

food 6

food 10

The second night there was a huge New England feast. We already knew lobster was a favorite with Gunnar, but Soso and Greta had their tastings of it.

food 2

food 1

food 8

This is what we feel like after a meal.

food 7

The kids love calamari. Check out the next two photos of Greta and this octopus. The second one kind of grosses me out with the tentacles hanging out of her mouth!

food 4

food 3

food 5

food 9