House Project- Master Bedroom

I am so excited about my bedroom. It has been the barest of all the rooms. Everything just kind of got pushed to the bottom of the list and deemed unnecessary. So we've spent 4 years with nothing on the walls until the recent television mount. It's a big room and we love it, but just didn't know where to begin. So along with my living room, I spent some time this summer turning it into the room I really wanted.

Now, I would have loved brand new bedding, but I settled for new pillows. I thought I took some before pictures, but this is all I found. Darn that photo reorganization project on my computer!

You'll get the idea from this photo. Bedding was chocolate brown (winter bedding) and there was nothing on the walls, and there was this leather ottoman in this corner. Above the bed was just a big blank wall.

Living Room photos to follow next week, hopefully when the kids start school I can keep the living room in decent condition long enough to take a photo!


Here's what it looks like now. I finally got my polaroid wall. The bedding is not new, it's just what we use in summertime, the pillows are from Pier One. Corkboard is from Anawalt Lumber.

bedroom 2

bedroom 1

bedroom 3

This bookcase is from Target. Probably my favorite purchase for the whole room. And I had much fun decorating the shelves, I move things around on them almost daily. That's the record player I blogged about last week. The old camera was an ebay find. We had all the books. The birds I blogged about as well, from West Elm. The owl is from Pier One. Typewriter is a Craigslist find.

bedroom 4

bedroom 5

I replaced my old lamp on my end table with this Sheesham lamp from West Elm. Ultimately I would love to get new end tables, but not now.

bedroom 6

And there you have our new living room. We didn't change anything on the wall where the dresser and TV are since we just did that wall a few months ago. You can see that blog post here. I hope to be on a better schedule of house projects once the kids are in school.