last shots of del mar- holga & diana

It's kind of like the never ending vacation. Maybe because I didn't want it to end. Maybe because I LOVED it so dearly. Maybe because this weekend Greta told me she would like to go back. Ummmm, me too.

Holga had a little bit of an issue, but I still love her for who she is. She took the ones with the bright lights around the edges. Diana came through for us in a big way.

holga 1

holga 2

holga 3

holga 5

And this next one I HEART big time!

holga 4

holga 6

Is she a poser or what? And Greta definitely gets the award for best beach hair. It's ridiculous how cute her curls look in saltwater.

holga 7

holga 8

holga 9