mini vacation

maybe not. i don't think camping can be qualified as a vacation. but we're taking a few days off to go camping with our friends. it's hot here. hot as in 95 degrees hot. and where we're going won't be much cooler, except at night it's in the 50's. how do you like that for a temperature change?

a few updates. greta completed her first week of preschool. i was sick on monday and sadly missed her first day of school. first day of school of her whole life! and i missed it! thank goodness tati was there to replace me. and happy to report no tears. slowly through the 4 days she got more clingy and attached. but there were no tears shed. today i think she was tired and over the whole 4 days in a row of school thing and didn't want to be there. it worked out that i had to pick her up early to go to her tap/ballet class so she managed pretty well.

the boys are loving school. they're doing fantastic, and we have back to school night tonight. i am finally making appointments that i have been putting off for years. things like seeing a chiropractor for the first time when i'm NOT pregnant. getting my teeth cleaned(this one is not so bad, we're going on 10 months). seeing my orthodontist to get a bottom retainer. boring stuff like this, but it's pretty exciting to go anywhere by yourself i have to admit. even things like the post office are terribly thrilling! i just park and shut the car door. you heard me right. park. exit car. that's it! no seat belts or sippy cups or bathroom runs or tears. it's pretty fantastic.

aaron's youngest brother is headed out here for a visit for a few weeks and the boys couldn't be more excited. i too am mildly excited, another hand to help and someone else to take greta to school for me to avoid the tears and separation anxiety. although ultimately it's me who has to take her to school every day so she has to go through it with me, it's just so hard to watch them. when i leave i hang out by the window and watch for about 5-10 minutes, and she just looks so sad. it's momentary because whenever i pick her up she's all smiles and talks a mile a minute.

i promise to post some photos of greta tap dancing next week. but for now i am off to pack. happy weekend everyone!