September House Project- Living Room

I made this whole post and then lost it somehow. Sooo frustrating. I have been waiting to take photos of my living room until the boys went back to school. I couldn't keep it decent long enough to snap the photos while they were all home. So here we go. Before the mantle was cluttered with all these little frames, and I am over it.


And see that quilt on the ottoman. Yeah, that was covering up some stains. And the chair had a hole in the side. The kids lived in this chair and thus the inevitable kid damage happened.


I took away all the little frames and used some big frames from our previous place. I put artwork from each kid in each. How happy does that tear collage piece make you? It's by Sawyer, and he even has glasses! And I blew up a family picture of us. So much less cluttered. Better.

house 1

This new chair was courtesy of an ebay seller from Seattle. Aaron had to drive to this creepy Greyhound station to pick it up since he wouldn't let me go get it myself. But at least I didn't have to recover the original cushions.

house 4

We have always wanted a coffee table in this room, but with the oversized chair and ottoman, it just never worked. I found this awesome Danish furniture store in Silverlake. I am obsessed with all their pieces.

house 2

New pillows courtesy of Pier 1. Highly recommend them for pillows. Great selection.

house 5

And here is the whole shabang. I know this may not please everyone's tastes, but I absolutely adore our living room now. Every time I walk through it or come down the stairs, I smile. I definitely need to spend some more time in it, especially lounging on the comfy couch.

house 3