last beach day of the summer

Hey Everyone! Posting may be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks. I can feel my anxiety level heightening each day that next Monday gets closer. Greta officially begins preschool that day and I seriously am dreading it. The boys are doing absolutely great though. They love school, love their teachers and friends. It's Greta beginning school that has me all freaked out. I just really really really hope she's okay and doesn't cry hysterically. We talked about it this morning and she's convinced that school doesn't exist for her. See what I'm up against? But she just started the most adorable tap/ballet class and I will share photos soon. Seriously, the cute factor doesn't get much bigger than her in her tap shoes.

Here are some shots of our last beach day of the summer. We met two other friends and their kids that day and we tried out Annenberg Beach, which was great. Thanks Rachel for the recommendation, the kids had a blast, and we can't wait to go back and use the pool.

To be honest, I am not a fan of the beach. I hate the sand. It never leaves my car, the kids clothes, it clogs up the dryer, you step on sand for days when you walk through the house. You get the point. However, my kids could bathe in sand for days. Greta actually piles sand down into her bikini bottoms. Yes. She. Does. Then she likes to tell me that she "has sand in her pachina!" Lovely. She usually follows it up with "but mama, it's okay, the bath will clean all the sand out of my pachina, don't worry". Great.

The great thing about this particular beach in Santa Monica is the boardwalk that goes all the way to the shore. Do you know what it's like walking to the beach from the car with towels, sand toys, cooler, water, camera, sunscreen, beach umbrella, and hats? If you don't know what it's like you should come with us to the beach next time! It'll be so fun! promise.

beach 1

beach 2

beach 3

beach 4

beach 5

beach 6