lemonade stand

The boys had great first days at school. Although on the walk home from school yesterday Sawyer told me that he informed a little boy that Santa Clause is not real and that his parents are not being honest with him. Honesty, we got it. Tact, not so much. I am waiting for the angry call from this 5 yo's mom where she yells at me for my son dashing her son's hopes and dreams. Oops. I thought I covered all my bases. But mythical creatures where kids actually believe in them, I forgot about that one.

I am going to take a tiny blog break. Just not feeling the blog love at the moment. Maybe it's because I've been so busy getting the boys started with school, and Greta will be starting in a few weeks. I am trying to figure out scheduling for volunteering in 3 classes instead of 2. Work has been insane. Whatever the reasons, I will leave you with this next post and hope to be back soon, but not sure when.

Oh, I love this post. I love it because I can remember the pure bliss my kids were in. Yes it was 90 degrees outside, but they couldn't have been happier. We started a few days earlier by painting the signs, which in itself was very fun, and messy.

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And then the night before we began the marathon cookie baking. We decided on oatmeal chocolate chip and plain chocolate chip. The kids helped with the first 2 batches, but then they lost interest and I was left to finish. Saturday, the day of the stand, we put our signs up and waited. They were so excited. Aaron decided to put up a sign that said, 25 cents to throw a water balloon at Gunnar. By the middle of the 2 hour slot all the neighborhood kids came out of the woodwork with water balloons and super soakers. Thank you to everyone who came! It was so special that you drove over to support my kids little venture. For about an hour we had at least 20 people in the front yard talking and drinking and snacking.

I was surprised by how well our signs worked, people actually saw our signs and turned down our street! We even had repeat customers who were on bike rides. Everyone was very generous with the kids and never would take their change. The kids raked in $37! Half of that they will save, and the other half they can spend.

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