The Grand Del Mar

This place was LUXURIOUS. I mean, as we're walking through the hallway to our room the boys both turn and look at me and say, "mama, i think this place is too nice for us." Yes, they were so right. We have stayed in beautiful hotels all over the world. But we're talking palatial. But not in a bad way, you would think the staff would be snotty or stare at me funny as my three shoeless children run through the lobby in their wet bathing suit clad bodies. Nope. not once.

It's set a few miles from the beach and looks like a Tuscan villa. Literally, with all the land and gorgeous trees you could possibly fool yourself into believing you were in Italy. I believe there are only 200 rooms, beautiful golf course, and fabulous spa. And you know me and spas, I can be kinda picky. It was awesome. You know how irritating it can be to go to a beautiful hotel and then be nickel and dimed while you're there? For instance, you get charged for internet service, valet parking, water, using the spa on a day you don't have a treatment? That kind of stuff  R E A L L Y gets under my skin. I hate it. Well, this place is not like that. In fact, we had fresh fruit or chocolate covered strawberries delivered to our room every day, fresh bottled water each night, free internet, free valet, use of the spa all day any day. You get my drift.

We spent a glorious week here and the majority of my family never left the resort except for a few dinners in Del Mar. We ventured to the beach one day, Legoland another, and then all the days in between we never left the pool. Nice segway into pool talk. Pools are important to me since I have 3 kids that think gills have replaced their lungs. There is an adult pool, right near the spa that I heard and saw was gorgeous although never personally lounged by it. Then there are 2 other pools, and a wading pool, all for kids. Next to the larger pool there is sand. Yes, sand. You don't even have to go to the beach to build a sand castle. The poolside food was fantastic as well.

There is a huge grassy area in front of the hotel, basically like a rolling hill at a park. The kids ran on that several times before and after dinner. And all over the hotel you find fire pits.

Since there are 5 of us and we we can't do normal hotel rooms anymore, you try fitting 5 people in 2 double beds. It doesn't work. Especially when one of them is just like his Tati and kicks the neighboring child out of the bed. My mom foresaw this problem and got us a suite. This is not your normal suite. There was a living room with a pull out sofa and then a bedroom, but somehow there were 4 flat screen TVs. Oh, and a bathroom. How about 2 full bathrooms with a total of 4 sinks. It was perfect for us. And there were 2 sitting chairs that came together perfectly to make Greta's bed. The first night she spent on the floor in a sleeping bag and then insisted on laying "on somethin'!" Here's some photos of the hotel and our room just to give you an idea of what we destroyed while staying there.

The view from our room of the Adult Pool.

hotel 3

hotel 1

One of the 2 identical bathrooms.

hotel 2

Down this hall is the espresso/gelato cafe who also made awesome sandwiches for our day trips.

hotel 4

grets (1)

hotel 6

The whole crew.

hotel 5