What's summer without. . .

some summer swim photos. I just realized today that I haven't posted anything about the kids swim lessons this summer. Greta is finally in a class where it doesn't involve Aaron or I in the water. It's lovely. Because that water is really cold.

The kids had 2 weeks of lessons in July and are in their 2 week session for August. To explain Gunnar's love for it he told me the other day, "Mama, you know how something you really like goes by fast, but something that you don't like takes a long time? Well, my class is like 30 seconds long!" Good sign. Just watching Gunnar exhausts me. He has a real kick butt teacher this time and she rocks. I love her. She stands next to the edge and just instructs/yells. Love it! If their knees are hitting their kickboard they're out of the water and she makes them show her the right way. He goes back and forth doing 50 meter laps and I seriously get tired for him. But he loves it.

And Sawyer is my fish. He is supposed to hang out on the wall til his teacher instructs him to do something. Impossible for Sawyer, all you see are his feet because he dives to the bottom and then comes back up, checks if it's his turn, and then dives back down. After their 2 weeks this month we're heading down to San Diego for 8 days, so I figure by the end of the month they will have gills and fins.

Some of Gunnar


swim (1)

swim (3)

And Sawyer

swim (2)

And Greta

swim (4)

swim (5)