Princess & the Pea

This has to be one of my favorite purchases for Greta to date. I absolutely adore it, and she adores it equally as much. The afternoon I decided to pull it out, because I've been saving it for a few months, she played with it for hours. I mean HOURS. I mentioned awhile ago that she loves Lauren Child's Princess and the Pea. And I found this seller on Etsy who makes these sets. I custom ordered ours so that the doll has dark hair. It even comes with this adorable tiny pea. And a handmade bag that it all fits in. This set is played with every single day. Morning and night. All. Day. It's not cheap, but worth every penny. She even pulled out the book and tried to reenact the page where the princess is taking a bath. Oh and Ken and Barbie even got to use some of the mattresses too. Don't worry, they're already married. Greta made sure of it.

pea 1

pea 2

pea 3

pea 4

pea 5