Quick Note: Saturday from 2pm-4pm the kids are having their first lemonade stand. There will be lemonade and homemade cookies for sale for 25 cents each. If you know where I live and are reading this, you better come. If you don't know where I live and want to stop by, send me an email. The kids have already painted their signs and all the ingredients are bought. It will be pretty darn cute and the cookies, I promise will be awesome. See you there!

What I am loving right now.

Listening to this non-stop.


Watching the kids peck away on this, courtesy of Craigslist.


My new pillows, courtesy of Pier One. Soon I will share my new living room, well, it's not new, but I made a bunch of changes. Some of these are in my bedroom, which has also seen some changes.

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These guys, purchased at West Elm.


These shoes. Thank you Endless.com


And last but certainly not least. Check this out, our new record player! How fun is that. And it's portable! If only we had some records to play. . .