Ojai- Food

Yes, I had to dedicate an entire post to food. We eat a lot on vacation. The kids eat a lot on vacation. Well, my kids eat a lot all the time, but when they are swimming, you cannot get food into their stomachs fast enough. All. Day. Long.

This family loves to eat. I often don't eat enough due to the constant food preparation for consumption by my 3 little people, but when I have the chance. I can eat with the best of them. And most of my friends know I love beer. The pub at Ojai has a great beer sampler I highly recommend. Prepare to be hungry.

ojai 2

The kids drink smoothies in the summer ALL the time. An "after breakfast right before camp" snack and usually an after dinner snack. On vacation they usually drink them twice a day, every day. I just love these next two photos, with the kids in birth order and their smoothies afterwards, in the same order. You can totally match up their leftovers with each kid.

ojai 1

ojai 3

ojai 4

ojai 5

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ojai 11

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