Remember little Elijah? Well, he's not so little anymore. We got to babysit him one afternoon. Greta was in her glory, and if it was up to her he would be morbidly obese because she wanted to stick his bottle in his mouth every single second. She loved holding and feeding him. She sang to him. She most definitely would be a good big sister.

This will be my last post for awhile. We are heading here on Saturday, and will be there for a whole week. We are all pretty excited. It will be our last summer getaway before the kids head off to school. I really loved this summer, how instead of heading to Hawaii(although I love it there) we were able to go somewhere closeby every month starting in May when we went to Palm Springs. The kids are all about vacations right now, and of course vacations that involve swimming and beaches, and you can throw in a golf course for Gunnar too. They all understand the concept of hotels and they actually count down the days and nights once we arrive. Usually Sawyer ends up crying on the last night because he knows we'll be heading home the next day.

So this is our last splurge before one goes off to preschool, one starts Kindergarten, and the other starts SECOND grade! So I hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful week next week. I will be bringing my new lens on the trip!!!!!! So, I will hopefully get some dope photos. Did I just write dope? Is that really uncool of me, a 29 year old to use the word dope?

And now, for the little mister.

elijah 2

elijah 3

elijah 1