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If you live in Los Angeles you MUST have a party at this place. I found it a few years ago when Gunnar went to summer camp there. It's uber expensive but almost worth every penny. They have swim lessons daily, horseback riding, rock climb, archery, I can go on. Poor kid, his little sister unexpectedly arrived and our summer camp budget went down a bit. It is kind of hard to go from Tumbleweed to the local park, but honestly he doesn't complain. In fact, I think he loves it just as much.

But back to my story. I found out about 6 months ago that they do parties here on the weekend during summer. I quickly researched and it was decided that Sawyer's joint graduation party with his 4 other little friends would be held here. So the Fab 5, Sawyer, Ethan, Maddie, Julia, and Mason celebrated their triumphant graduation from preschool at this fabulous place. We had numerous activities to choose from, and the ratio was one counselor for every 10 kids. The counselors were fantastic.

For the kids we chose to make Instant Mini Volcanoes, Archery, Petting Zoo, Treasure Hunt, and at the last second we chose to add the Tumblewheel for the bigger kids. But I actually think the adults liked it even better than the kids. The Tumblewheel is this ride type thing that they strap you down to, 4 kids at a time, or 2 adults at a time, and you can go back and forth or they swing you all the way around. Once you are upside down, they stopped it and made you sing a song until you were brought back down. No doubt, the parents and aunties lined up for that one.

You can kind of see in the photos that it's an old school type of camp. Extremely outdoorsy with the most beautiful land. You wouldn't know it's smack dab in the heart of L.A. with all the hills and trees.

And everyone knows I love me a good kids' party, and fortunately for us, Uncle Dave and Auntie Rachel were still in town to participate in the festivities. They were all over this party, okay, maybe only Auntie Rachel. But Uncle Dave did come to support it.

Here are some highlights.

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It was my turn to try, and Auntie Rachel's too.

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Gunnar on the Tumblewheel.

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And Tati's.

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Cupcakes for all, and then all the parents brought a wrapped present for their own child(ren) to open. Fun indeed!

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