ojai during summer

We never get to enjoy Ojai during the summer. But this summer was different. My dad was in New York for over a week and my mom suggested a long weekend away in Ojai to keep her lonelies at bay. Yeah, she still cried, but she had much distraction making sure her grandkids didn't drown.

No, in all seriousness, this is my happy place. We stay at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and although this is only a little over an hour drive away, I can't name a place I would rather be. Upon arrival my whole body just begins to relax. The grounds are truly incredible. The food amazing. The service special. We checked into our room to find freshly picked apples. That evening we came back from dinner to a plate of delicious truffle chocolates. The kids all received hats and stuffed animals. I am a bit of a spa snob since it's what I do, and this place exceeds my expectations each time. Maybe it has something to do with me only making appointments with therapists that I know by name year after year, but it is superior to any other resort spas I have visited.

I have a lot of pictures. Surprise surprise. I will post them slowly as I go through them. Lots of pool shots and I won't bore you with them all. The kids LIVED in the pool. This is how our days went. Breakfast pool lunch pool dinner pool. We are entering a new phase in parenthood, it's called "we don't have to be in the water the ENTIRE time all day long anymore" phase. The boys are great swimmers, totally safe. And Greta has finally agreed to wearing a life vest when we aren't in the water with her. She can finally feel confident enough to swim around the pool on her own, getting from one side to the other. I think we are going to truly love this phase of vacations. It means less sunburns for Aaron, and more read time for me. Here's just a few from our arrival.

ojai 2

Is it just me, or is this boy getting more handsome each day?

ojai 1

If you guys are readers of SouleMama, over in my blogroll you will notice the scary coincidence that she posted a picture this morning where she and her daughter are wearing the exact same matching pair of shoes that Greta and I are wearing in the picture below. Scary, since I took this picture over a week ago in Ojai, and then we ended up with same shot.


ojai 3

ojai 4

Yes, the obligatory photo in the hotel mirror picture. And that's what's left of my curls. This was right after some time in the pool. The keratin is working. . .

ojai 5

ojai 6

More to come as soon as I get my iMac back. We sent it in to get the burn drive repaired. I am kind of lost without her. But my laptop will do for now. Hopefully she'll be back home by Friday night.