hollywood bowl part 2- for tanya

(i am posting my normal monday post early because it's for tanya, and she will be busy having a delightful time for 2 weeks and i wanted her to see this before she hits the books. have fun in school tanya!)

okay, almost everyone that knows me well knows about my little (sometimes big) jaw problems. TMJ is not my friend and I think most will remember posts like this one where my jaw locks. i always thought it only happens when i am stressed. super stressed. usually every few weeks it'll slip out and 80% of the time i am able to relocate it myself.

well, this particular night at the hollywood bowl, where you can read more about the performances and how fantastic they were here at my friend's blog, It's Sweet & Savory, i found out that it also happens when i laugh too much. maybe it's because i don't get out much. maybe it's because we haven't seen each other in awhile. but tanya and i were in laughing fits a lot this evening. on her blog you can read about the fantastic seats, fantastic valet parking, manicure job, and more. but what she didn't show you is the before during and after photos of my little jaw-tastrophy.

you see, after the concert we hopped into our ride, which is a nice ride let me tell you. we decided to fake people out and hope they think we were celebs. so tanya, poised with her camera, took some shots of me, the faux-celebrity in the backseat. here i am BEFORE, very happy and normal.peace.


Then the laughing became a bit much and this is what I look like when my jaw dislocates. Do you see that indentation by my ear? Yeah, that little dip is too far and it locks it open. And that bulge by my cheekbone, not good. And despite all the pain I was in and the many failed attempts I tried to put it back in place, I still smiled and laughed. And drooled.


just so i can make tanya laugh. . . again. and while we sat there on the 101 freeway i swallowed. which when your jaw is locked open it's a very loud strange sound. and i only do it every few minutes because of the pain. i swallowed and tanya said, "what was THAT noise?" and my reply, "i ahllowed." Tanya, "you swallowed? oh deb." laughter once again.


Now, when this happened my sister freaked. She squealed from the front seat, "i don't do good in emergencies" over and over again. Tanya was the calm one who through her giggles said, "don't you read her blog? it's okay. all we have to do is take her to aaron and he'll fix it." So I endured the 20 minute drive home and they rushed me to Aaron, who was sleeping. I woke him like this, "aaaon. aaon. aaon! AAAAOOONN!! ie aw ocked. ep me!" And through his sleeping slumber he came to my rescue and put his big grimy hands into my mouth and delodged my jaw.

And here I am heading back to the car so I can go get my car at my sister's house. happy again. oh, yeah. peace. i think it was the sangria.


so i have learned i don't do well with stress. and too much laughter. that leaves a very boring life left for me.